In Modern Etudes and Studies for the Total Percussionist, band director and percussionist Chris Colaneri lays out a comprehensive system of total percussion education. The lessons are gleaned from interviews, research, and the nearly two decades he has spent directing middle school band and percussion ensembles. This expanded second edition meets the needs of fourth grade through high school percussionists, helping them develop necessary skills for future participation in their next level of musical study or extracurricular performing ensembles. Developed with the practical needs of percussion teachers in mind, Modern Etudes has been extensively classroom tested and provides key teaching aids that will be welcomed by every band director. These include a curriculum guide and practice assignment sheets for all grades; practice tips; and exercises and etudes for snare, mallet, set, and timpani. Recordings, practice tracks, and videos are available on the book's companion website. 

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Havana for Solo Marimba 

Take Five by Paul Desmond arr. Chris Colaneri

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One of the greatest issues and least talked about dilemmas a band director faces in regard to their band curriculum is how to properly integrate all the aspects of total percussion into the band program. Music education has come a long way and band directors have seen the value of providing a comprehensive percussion enducation to their students. However, teaching total percussion in the middle school setting comes with inherent problems that can be difficult to navigate without the proper guidance. In this book, the author provides direction on how to motivate the percussion student and incorporate total percussion into the concert band rehearsal as well as within the school percussion lesson. This book also offers insight on how to incorporate a percussion ensemble into the music program. This research is based on analysis of related literature and gathers methodologies used by music teachers throughout the United States. In addition, this book examines numerous percussion education paradigms gathered from a comprehensive survey of music educators.